White Architecture


Spatial-logic-design is made up of three nodes.

SPATIAL for planning and organisation.
LOGIC to find the relationship between the spaces and,
DESIGN to make those functionalities into beautiful work of art.

We at SLD studio consider the design and detailing to be the most focused upon element in a design process. We find the logic from the functionality of two spaces and try to optimize it for best results and to minimize the cost and maximize the functionality in the design.

Hence, we can arrive at better and affordable cost while keeping those features of luxury and delight.

Diverse skill set and qualities of our team, gives us an edge in the market where luxury is a far fetched thought that is not very approachable and realistic. So, we came up with ways and techniques that helps us to achieve the same feel of luxury that you can have in a designer house in a affordable price bracket.

Feel free to browse through our catalogue to find various designs and boost up your imagination.